Youth Programs

The Wiyot Tribe has a miriad of different programs for the youth in the areas of social development, academic achievement and healthy lifestyles.

Toddler Time

Are you a parent of a young child? Would you like to introduce your child to other children in his/her age group? Would you like to help prepare you child for preschool and kindergarten by beginning to identify numbers and letters? Young children aged 0-5 and their parents are invited to drop into the Table Bluff Reservation Monday, Thursday, and Friday 1:00 for Tottler Time. Toddler Time activities have been constructed to increase letter and number recognition, and enhance reading appreciation as well as prepare toddlers for entry into preschool. If you have any further questions about Toddler Time, please contact us at (707) 733-5055.

Wiyot Parent Committee

The Wiyot Parent committee acts as advisory committee to the social service department's youth program and makes recommendations to the Wiyot Tribal Council. The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month. The time alternates from 10am and 6pm to accommodate various work schedules.

Employment Programs

Summer Youth Employment Program

The Summer Youth Employment Program is designed to provide meaningful employment and training opportunities for Indian youth residing on or near Table Bluff Reservation. First priority is given to youth residing on the  Reservation, second to youth residing near the Reservation and third to those residing within an acceptable communiting distance. Whenever possible it is also desirable to match the participants with training opportunities that will provide them with an opportunity to learn skills and gain experience in an area of occupational interest to them. This program is grant funded, therefore the number of training positions each summer is limited. The youth positions are designed on the basis of a thirty-two hour workweek for approximately six weeks.


BIA Higher Education Grant Program

The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) Higher Education Grant Program is a need based financial aid grant available to enrolled citizens of the Wiyot Tribe. The student must be enrolled in an accredited college or university and must document a financial need. The applicant is required by federal rules to apply for college based ais, Pell Grant, State grants, and all other sources of aid available. Verified financial need information is assessed through the college or universities financial aid office before the BIA can take action on the student's application.

Wiyot Scholarship Program

The purpose of the Wiyot Scholarship is to encourage students to continue their education. The goal of the scholarship is to assist tribal members who wish to pursue additional education. Scholarships are open to those attending recognized, accredited colleges, universities and technical institutions. The Wiyot Tribe Scholarship is funded entirely through the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund, through investments made to assure its success. Students must be currently enrolled, attending full or part-time, have a 2.0 or higher minimum GPA, and must not have completed more thatn 150 college units. In order to be eligible all application materials must be received on or before the August 1 deadline.