RSTF Services

Tribal Council instituted several different services funded by the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) available to Tribal Citizens.  Reimbursement of chimney cleaning, hunting/fishing license, or assistance with emergency medical care and burial assistance, and one time a year debris dump not to exceed $30.00. After incurring the charge one can submit receipts to the Tribal Office for reimbursement.

RSTF Advance

The Revenue Sharing Trust Fund (RSTF) Advance program was established to provide short term advances against the Revenue Sharing Trust Fund payment. These RSTF payments are distributed to tribal members on a quarterly basis. The maximum loan amount is $1000.00 per tribal member. The tribe will add one-half percent per month, or 6% per annum simple interest to the amount of the loan. Once the advance issued all future RSTF disbursements will be retained until any outstanding amounts due to the tribe are satisfied. There is a 12 month wait from the date that this loan is repaid in full before an advance recipient becomes eligible. After that time one can reapply for an advance if funds are available. The advance may be paid back at any time without penalty. If for any reason RSTF disbursements are no longer made, the advance recipient assumes responsibility for the full amount outstanding. Tribal Council reserves the right to review and revise contract arrangements at their discretion. The RSTF Advance program is currently maxed out at $30,000.00. Funds are anticipated to be available again at the next Revenue Sharing Trust Fund disbursement.

Emergency Medical

The Emergency Medical fund is established to provide short term relief to Tribal members during times of medical emergencies. Funds may be used for any purpose related to a medical emergency, including transportation, food and lodging, medications, specialized medical testing, or other medically related needs. This fund is created using Revenue Sharing Trust funds in the ammount of $2,000. The Social Service Director will make recommendations as to the fund's use, with approval by the Tribal Administrator. A maximum of $250.00 per emergency is available, with a cap of $500.00 per 12 month period. The amount authorized will be based on actual need. To help maintain the Emergency Fund, repayment of at least one-half of the total amount must be made. We encourage repayment within 3 months of the date of the emergency. Arrangements can be made to set up a payment schedule. Tribal Members who fail to adhere to arranged payment schedule will no longer be eligible for further assistance through the Emergency Medical Fund. Tribal members should contact the Social Service Director, Michelle Vassel,, (707)733-5055 to apply for funds.