Johnson O'Malley

The Johnson O'Malley Act, passed in 1934, has been amended various times during the past twenty years, but its main objective has remained the same: To ensure that Indian children received the educational opportunities that would not otherwise be provided.

Some years ago JOM was funded to provide operational support. Schools were able to use those funds for General School operations and many schools built building, bought buses and school equipment.

JOM is long funded for operational support. The JOM program was redesigned to be a supplementary program instead of a basic support program to provide special services to meet the unique specialized educational needs of Indian students attending public schools.  At that time, the Impact Aid Program was amended to specifically include public schools educating children residing on Indian Lands. Although some Indian children originally benefited from the Impact Aid Program, there was concern about duplication between this program and the JOM program. The Wiyot JOM program provides a daily homework hour, school readiness programming, and shuttle from school.