General Social Services

There are a wide variety of Social Services offered at the Tribal Office. Some services are based on need and/or income qualification. Navigating thru the Social Services  you will find that there are forms/applications for service that can be downloaded for your convenience to fill out and send or bring to the Tribal Office.

Natural Disaster Fund

The Natural Disaster Fund was established to provide some relief to Tribal member households residing within Counties declared a State of Emergency by the Governor of California. Tribal Council established the Natural Disaster fund that will pay up to $500.00 directly to the contractor who repairs your home. These funds are limited and available on a first come first serve basis. The Social Service director will make recommendations as the fund's use with approval by the Tribal Administrator. A maximum of $500.00 per emergency is available. The amount authorized will be based on actual need.

Adult Vocational Education Funds

The purpose of the vocation trianing program is to assist Indian people to acquire the job skills necessary for full time satisfactory employment. Within the framework, the program provides testing, Vocational counseling or guidance to assist program participants to make career choices relating personal assets to training option and availability of jobs in the labor market. The program provides for full time institutional training in any vocational or trade school as defined in 25CFR Part27.

Support our Troops

In an effort to support our troops, the Wiyot Tribe will send packages to Wiyot Tribal members serving overseas in the War on Terror three times per year. The gift boxes are shipped out March 31st Military, Correspondence Kit, July 30th, Personal Comfort Kit and November 31st ,Transitional Care Pack. If you or someone you know will qualify for this program please send the person's name, and APO address to Support Wiyot Troops, 1000 Wiyot Dr., Loleta, CA 95551.