Eel River Projects

Eel River Pacific Lamprey Restoration Project

The Wiyot Tribe has recently been awarded a $200,000 grant from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct lamprey barrier assessments on the Eel River.  A literature review was conducted by Abel Brumo (Stillwater Sciences) which helped clarify the urgent need for more extensive research focused on Pacific lamprey in the Eel River.  The document is titled, Pacific Lamprey in the Eel River Basin: A Summary of Current Information and Identification of Research Needs.

Cock Robin Island

In 2006, the Wiyot Tribe acquired approximately 40 acres on Cock Robin Island located in the Eel River estuary.  The Department manages the island by monitoring water quality at an adjacent site and by performing bi-annual vegetation and avian surveys for species richness and abundance.  The Tribe is currently working to convert the island from fee to trust status.

Water Quality Data

Eel River Estuary Water Quality Data Summary 2013-2014

Eel River Estuary Water Quality Data Summary 2011-2012

Eel River Estuary Water Quality Data Summary 2009-2010