Community Center Reservations

In order to reserve the Community Center for an event, you must visit the Tribal Office front desk and fill out and sign the reservation/use form and pay the appropriate amount.


For Tribal Members:

  • Rental is free for the first 3 uses(per year Jan-Dec)4 hour increments, if kitchen is to be used there is a $15.00 fee and the $25.00 cleaning deposit (that will be returned within 5 business days of the event if center is left in good order) However, if the Center use is for the general services/good of the tribe then there is no rental fees, only the cleaning deposit which is refundable. The fourth use there is a charge of $25.00 and all other applicable fees


For Non-Tribal Members:

  • Community Center - $50.00
  • Kitchen (use of stove, sink and refrigerator - for storage) - $25.00
  • Refundable Cleaning deposit - $25.00
  • Center Rental is in 4 hour increments


Rules for Use:

  • There is NO SMOKING ALLOWED in the Community Center or within 15 feet of any entrance to the building
  • The Community Center is a drug and alcohol free zone, no alcohol or other drugs are permitted anywhere in or around the Tribal Community Center
  • No amplified music after 10:00 PM
  • The Tribal Council has the right to cancel or close down any event for violation of rules
  • Before leaving the building, remember to: close all windows, unplug/turn off all appliances used, turn off lights, clean kitchen (if used and empty garbage and recycling
  • In the event the building needs cleaning or repairs, some or all of the deposit will be withheld. Neither payment nor retention of the security deposit shall be considered a settlement or waiver or any claim the Tribe may have against the renter for damage done to the building or property
  • Floors are to be swept broom clean. Wipe up skills using only clear water
  • RENTERS MUST PROVIDE ALL PRODUCTS FOR THE EVENT SUCH AS; FOOD, COOKWARE, UTENSILS, OTHERS SUPPLIES, DISHES AND MISC ITEMS If requested, coffee service (coffee, cups, sugar, creamer) will be provided at a cost of $2.50 per coffee packet.